How We Help Sellers of Warehouses & Industrial Properties

There are 2 things that make a difference between a successful commercial real estate listing agent and an average agent. The first is the marketing skill and capital your agent brings to the table and invests in to your property. The second critical difference is experience.

You see, most real estate agents and brokerages spend the majority of their marketing capital promoting themselves and their own brokerage. and Robert Mendieta take a much different approach. We understand that client satisfaction means selling our client’s properties for the highest values in the shortest time frame. To do this, it requires advanced online marketing skills.

Gone are the days when simply setting a fair price and adding your property to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), LoopNet and CoStar result in a successful transaction. In today’s increasingly competitive commercial real estate market, we understand selling a commercial property quickly for the highest requires video marketing, marketing your property, not the agent on Facebook, Google Adwords and other social media sites.

Critical Questions to Ask Your Commercial Agent

Here’s three questions to ask your prospective listing agent before you sign a contract:

  1. How much money do you spend to marketing each of your listings on average?
  2. How many video views do your properties average per listing?
  3. Do you market my specific property online or do you promote your profile or brokerage website?

Our Modern Digital Marketing Campaigns brings both experience to the table and a modern digital marketing approach to each property we sell for our clients. Our marketing program includes:

  1. Videography of Your Property
  2. Paid Promotion of Your Property on Facebook
  3. Paid Promotion of Your Property Google Adwords
  4. Email Marketing of Your Property to Our Previous Buyers, Sellers and Investors
  5. Inclusion of Your Property in Our Monthly Press Release

In today’s real estate environment, videography is key. Consumers expect video and prefer to take online tours before they commit to even calling an agent. We do this for our clients free of charge.

Facebook reaches the targeted demographic of commercial real estate buyers more than any other social media platform. The average, consistent user of Facebook is not a teenager. Facebook users are people with children and or grandchildren and we get an enormous amount of targeted traffic from Facebook.

Google Adwords allows us to market not only your property effectively, but it allows us to target people that enter search phrases in to Google Search like “Warehouses for sale in the Inland Empire.”

We use our experience, combined with modern, effective marketing techniques to satisfy our client’s needs and help them sell their properties quickly.

Modern Marketing Plus Experience Equals Results!

Like all other Commercial Real Estate Agents, we will also perform the necessary services needed to analyze your property’s value and set the best possible price:

  1. Competitive Market Assessment
  2. Thorough Property Inspection
  3. Environmental Analysis and Inspection Coordination

If you are looking to sell a warehouse, industrial property or other commercial property in the Inland Empire, is the best possible place to feature and market your property. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of transactions under his belt, Robert Mendieta is the most experienced broker of warehouses and industrial properties in the Inland Empire.

To learn more about our services for sellers, please contact Robert Mendieta today at (951) 977-3251.